Friday, 3 July 2020

Short Changed

I keep two pairs of pjs at Cornerstones - a pink winter set - tee shirt and trousers, and a navy summer set -tee shirt and shorts. They are both really old - and when I got them I was a little lighter than I am now. Lockdown has left me 'broader in the beam' than I used to be. I was wearing the shorts the first week I was here - but found they were no longer easy to wear, they felt too short in the body. So then I switched to the winter trousers.  Same problem - I was wriggling about in bed tugging at them, trying to get comfy.
I have perfectly good nightwear in Dorset which fits. I refuse to buy anything new. "Borrow my trousers" said Bob in his usual generous way. But that would be a major trip hazard if I had a nocturnal trip to the loo. 
But reading Claire's blog here and here where she turned an old pair of linen trousers and two pairs of jeans into a top and a playsuit I felt inspired. She's a professional - and I couldn't begin to emulate her skill. But I just wanted a comfortable pair of shorts to sleep in, and I like her approach to recycling old gear into new stuff.
I took the old ones, and used them to draft a pattern in newspaper, adding extra cm where necessary. Then I carefully took the pink trousers apart, retaining the side seams. The legs were very flared. Maybe the hideous style and the bright colour was why IKEA only wanted £5 for them!
Being lazy, I cut off the waistband, so I could reuse it, unaltered [my waist is no bigger even if my thighs and bum are] And I cut off the back patch pocket and fixed with a zigzag stitch. I need somewhere for my hanky!
Ta-da! slightly more generous, considerably more comfortable. They wouldn't pass muster for the GBSB, or for wearing in public - but they'll be fine for wearing when I'm preparing breakfast or sitting in the evening watching TV in the hotter weather.
And before anyone asks - no, the remaining gazebo wall is totally unsuitable for fashioning into nightwear. 
Have you altered anything during lockdown, to make it into something fresh? 


  1. Oh go on! Try using the gazebo!

    Actually those PJs look really good.

    1. It would be like sleeping in fisherman's waders I think! The pjs have proved surprisingly comfortable

  2. You did well with your alterations! No, I haven't altered anything during lockdown. There were some skirts that were given to me, by one of my aunts, that I thought of altering, but, instead, I put them all in the donations pile!


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