Saturday, 10 May 2008

Back to the Bible

Sir Cliff Richard seems to be mentioned all over the place recently, in the Paper, on the news Quiz... cliff There was all the fuss about Franco rigging the Eurovision Song Contest so 'Congratulations' didn't win, then he has just published his book of favourite bible stories. The Times even published the list yesterday. I looked at the book last weekend in Blackpool - not sure how or why those particular 50 were selected - Achan seems a slightly odd choice though, and Judges is omitted altogether, but I guess you can't put everything in.

The times Cartoonist obviously feels hard done by too. Today there is a cartoon of two children reading Cliff's book, and the boy is saying to the girl "I love the one where Judith bashes the nail through the geezer's bonce!"

WHAT???? Somebody tell them [actually I emailed the Times at 8.30 this morning, I was so annoyed by the inaccuracy] It was JAEL who hit a TENTPEG through SISERA'S head [see Judges 4] Here's the picture by Artemisia Gentileschi from a museum in Budapest. jael-sisera

The story of JUDITH slicing off the head of HOLOFERNES [with his own sword, poor chap!] is in the Apocrypha, not in either Old OR New Testaments.


Caravaggioholofernes painted Judith - the picture is in Rome, but I was fortunate to see it in the Rembrandt-Caravaggio Exhibition two years ago in Amsterdam.

People just don't know their Bible anymore. I will be forever grateful to my parents and grandparents who were always so willing to tell me these stories when I was a child. The book of Judges is particularly wonderful for kids who are going through that dreadful bloodthirsty 'ooh gross!' stage! [look at Ehud and Fat King Eglon in chapter 3]I have always felt that Jael's "leather bag of milk" was probably some sort of Proto-Actimel yogurt drink. [Feeling sluggish, Sisera? Slurp this down, it will certainly improve your digestive transit!]

I am also very grateful to Bob who loves the Old Testament too - so makes sure we at KMFC get a varied diet of sermons from the whole of Scripture, not just Gospels and Epistles.

At our Village Fun Day on September 14th, I hope to be doing another Children's Story Tent. Last year I put a disclaimer outside "These are all Bible stories, but some may contain moderate violence!"

km village hall On the subject of future dates - [and Sir Cliff] - if you are anywhere near Kirby Muxloe on October 11th, do come to the Cliff-As-If Event at the Village Hall. It should be brilliant - even if you are not a fan!

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  1. Thanks for the clarification. The very least The Times cartoonist could have done was check out the list of stories in the book...

    I really didn't mention any tent-peg assaults in these retellings, but had we done so, I would, hopefully, have at least got the facts straight!


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