Saturday, 31 May 2008

Matthew 5:16


In 2007, the town of Rugby was a 'Silver Gilt' Award winner in the Britain in Bloom competition.

As you drive into the town you pass a sign [suitably rugby-ball shaped] welcoming you to Rugby, and informing you that it is where that game was invented. Fixed underneath that sign is a second notice about the B-in-B competition. Except that currently you cannot read what it says - it is completely overgrown by weeds! This struck us as rather ironic when we went past it yesterday.

icthus It's a bit like having a fish badge on your car, and then driving badly. Or wearing a cross in your lapel and then being rude to shop assistants. The signs and symbols must be backed up by the actions, or our witness is worthless.

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  1. Brilliant point.

    In one sense, symbols are much more powerful than we realise. A symbol not only demonstrates a status but inspires behaviour worthy of that status. Which is baptism! Romans 6 - remember your baptism! How can you behave in an ungodly way when you've been buried with Christ in death and raised with him to new life through your baptism. A baptism is not just a sign of covenant membership, but a reason to behave consistently with that status.

    This is particularly relevant to me as on Sunday we just had our daughter baptised - she is only four months old, so I'm not sure you'd approve being baptists - but as she grows up, we shall certainly be reminding of her of her baptism as a reason to live for Christ.



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