Monday, 19 May 2008

Pause for Thought...

indarjitsingh Just listening to Indarjit Singh on the Radio, doing a "thought" on Johnnie Walker's programme. He was referring to some recent scientist who said that because of the general focus on our use of plastic bags, we are losing sight of the bigger ecological issues. Singh went on to talk about a company he once worked in. At the weekly team meeting, little time was spent on Major Issues, but discussion got very animated when they came to discuss changing the tea trolley for a vending machine. He said that it was often like that in faith groups - he has found himself with people in heated debate about ritual and singing, while major things about belief and the way we live get sidelined.

Two thoughts - what is the Sikh equivalent of the question "Must we sing 'these are the Days of Elijah' again?",

and second, we have a Church meeting this week - let's pray our words are all helpful, about things that really matter as we seek to build the Kingdom.

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