Monday, 19 May 2008


indy It's a quote from the trailer for the new Indiana Jones film, which comes out THIS THURSDAY!!! And being a part-time teacher and a Harrison Ford film, I am quite excited.

The review in this morning's paper was surprisingly positive.

I know that Indy films are full of cliches and stereotypes - but I still find them brilliant. They are also wonderful sources of sermon illustrations. We watched "IJ and the Last Crusade" on TV last night. I've known a number of preachers use that clip towards the end, when Indy takes the Step of Faith and walks out across the chasm - but for me there is a more telling moment a little before that. Useful for sermons on evangelism.

Indy has rescued his father from the German tank, but remains on the tank himself, as it hurtles towards the cliff edge. It goes over and plunges to the bottom [Whoomph!] Dad [played by Sean Connery] stands there, at the top of the cliff, distraught. "My son, he's gone. I hadn't told him everything. If I only had five more minutes..."

Of course, in the film, Harrison Ford is OK [his hat survives too] and all is well. But those few moments when Sean Connery is utterly bereft get me every time. If you love someone that much, what haven't you told them yet? That you love them - or even more important  - that Jesus loves them and He died for them. You just can't guarantee that you will get another five minutes.

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