Saturday, 24 May 2008

I Cant Believe It!

Amazing trivia gleaned from the Midsomer Murders Weekend on ITV3 - that the character of the Undertaker, Dennis Rainbird, is played by ricardcant Richard Cant - whose father is the Ultimate Children's Presenter Brian Cant brian cant- and his Auntie is Fern Britton. She is married to the celebrity Chef Phil

Vifern brittonckery. This is all far too complicated for me. I wish they would bring back Camberwick Green and Trumpton - much more intelligent than all that Iggle-Piggle stuff!

Is this family seeking to take over TV in a very subtle way, by operating under a selection of surnames?phil vickery

At least you know where you are with the Dimblebys and the Attenboroughs!

Even more confusing is that Rainbird [and his mother] got killed off in the Pilot Episode in 1997 - but was brought back as his cousin in a subsequent episode in 2006. And in that episode his mother was played by Elizabeth Spriggsspriggs again. As far as I can tell, she isn't related to any other luvvie - but she also plays Aunt Agatha to Hugh Laurie's Bertie Wooster.

Unrelated news - Leicester City's manager Ian Holloway has parted from the Club ['by mutual consent'] as their fortunes continue to fall. I trust they won't regard their unanswered prayers as a reason to part company with the Club Chaplain too - watch out Bruce!

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