Sunday, 11 May 2008

It's the presence of Your Spirit, Lord, we need

pentecost Pentecost Sunday - Hallelujah! I love this day. The promise that Jesus made - and kept - to send His Spirit to empower, encourage and envision us.

For us, it is going to be a particularly busy Pentecost - and so we were up early, and even though it's only 9.30am, Bob has already been at the Church for half an hour getting ready for the Family Service. The weather is glorious, and so we sat outside and had breakfast at the patio table. The garden needs some Serious Attention- so hope it's fine tomorrow.

Unusually for a Sunday, I switched on the PC very early - and discovered two email prayer requests. One from Sheena McEwan Tibbs, our former youth worker here at KMFC. She suffered a series of mini strokes last week. Our thoughts are with her, Gary, Liam, and baby Freda-Grace. Also another email from a friend whose childhood friend, now in her 30s, is very ill with cancer. Another young Mum with two small children. May God's peace and love surround them all at this time.

It is incredibly quiet this morning. No Shoot at the nearby farm today [maybe it hasn't started yet] and no builders work going on either. Just the sound of birds in the trees. Time for quiet reflection on the grace of God, before the hustle and bustle begins [was it like that for the disciples in Acts 2 - very still and quiet before the wind and flames?]

This afternoon I am leading the service at the local residential home for the blind. I shall use Catriona's prayers which are so thoughtfully and beautifully written.Thanks C!

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