Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Autumn Leaves


Autumn leaves begin to gently fall
As summer just fades away
And blackberries from the hedgerow
Make a feast at the end of summer ball.

Golden leaves carpet the woodland floor
And the branches of the trees,
With colours ranging from gold leaf
To rustic copper is something to adore.

Wearing jumpers in the autumn chill
To keep warm, we sit in the garden
Sipping tea instead of cold orange juice
Watching the sun go down, all quiet and still.

And watching the garden birds going to their nest
As the evening lengthens and dusk descends
Thus marks the end of the day, of all we had done,
And sitting in that twilight we simply take our rest.

P1020402There was a recipe for Spicy Leaf biscuits in this month’s Country Living Magazine. So I made some – they were delicious. You do need to let the dough chill well, or it is too soft to roll and cut properly. Here are the pages of the magazine – with my biscuits – looking very much like the ones in the picture. Most satisfying!

The poem is by David Wood




  1. Swap the golden syrup for maple syrup and you'll have real maple leaves!
    Jane x

  2. Yum! I like the tip in one of the comments above to swap maple syrup. Golden syrup is a specialty ingredient here, imported and available only in one of the ethnic stores.

  3. Haven't got any fancy cutters, but the girls loved the ones you brought today, so I shall be trying out the recipe - thanks for sharing! So lovely to see you both today xx

    1. Glad to know that the girls enjoyed the biscuits! Good to see you too - thanks for the excellent lunch


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