Saturday, 31 October 2015

Fruit, Flowers, Food, Feasting

The saw was used to cut up the bones Bob bought from the butcher. He roasted them and then made a fantastic rich beef stock which was the basic of tonight’s stew. It was accompanied by mustardy mash and buttery savoy cabbage – utterly delicious.


For dessert we had cheese, pain de campagne, muscat grapes, and figs, from Swaffham Market [celebrating 800 years since its charter was granted]

As well as cutting up bones, Bob has also been pruning the shrubs in the front garden. Next door has a huge passionflower which has been seriously encroaching on our side of the fence.


Bob trimmed it back, and gave me some beautiful flowers and  luscious fruit. Sadly, most of the fruit was past its best, which seems a sad waste. Next door do not seem to have harvested any. The ruby red seeds inside are so sweet and luscious!

We have had a lovely day with Liz and Jon – but tomorrow it is time to pack up and return to Dorset. I love it here, but I am ready to return – there are lots of things to be done when we get back!


  1. Glad you have had a nice break at Cornerstones and recharged. It sounds as though you have had a good feed too. Simple honest food is often the best. Safe journey home;



  2. Those passion fruits look yummy! Maybe the owners of the vine don't know that the fruit is edible? I'm glad you got to enjoy some.


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