Tuesday 7 April 2020

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

....then I'll begin. Older readers will remember that before CBeebies** on TV, there used to be "Listen With Mother" on the BBC Home Service [which became Radio 4] It always began with that phrase. At antenatal classes, they always seem to bang on about sitting comfortably when you are feeding your baby. 
When my friends moved house [a few years back] they gave me their family 'Nursery Chair'. "You can make it a 'refurb project' - and do what you like with it afterwards- sell it, give it away, whatever - it's over 50 years old" The chair has sat in the corner of our lounge under a throw. Until last Saturday.
I stripped it, and cleaned up the woodwork.
I added extra padding to the seat, 
covered it in plain cotton, 
then in a heavy teal upholstery fabric.
[Steph's Nursery is teal and ochre]
I replaced the base piece which hides the springs 
secured all round with some bayonet tacks from the garage.
Before and after [that's the Fair Isle baby blanket I knitted in 1982]
Steph can sit on the chair and feed the baby [**and even listen to CBeebies Radio if she likes] Thank you A&A for this chair, it has been a fun project.
I'm not as good as Sonnaz on The Repair Shop, but it's OK.


  1. It looks lovely, You are clever - I wouldn't have a clue or the patience

  2. Just don't look too close. Some bits are not finished quite as professionally as they should be!

  3. Such energy! It looks very good, well done!

  4. Oh wow what a great job you did and I love the colour. Of course, it goes without saying that I absolutely LOVE your Fair Isle blanket, so much work in it and an heirloom piece for sure. Did you see Repair Shop last week where the new upholsterer was putting the tacks in her mouth and attaching them to the end of the hammer like that?!!Don't try it at home!!!

  5. Thank you. Yes we did watch the woman with tacks in her mouth. I don't have a magnetised hammer. But anyway, I NEVER put tacks (or dressmaking pins) in my mouth!

  6. Good job! My dad was always good at that sort of thing and my mom always loved the way it made old things look new!

  7. You really have done a great job on that chair! I remember 'Listen with Mother' and I loved it.

  8. Wow! That chair looks like new! Lovely blanket, too!

  9. Fantastic but how will you get it to her?

  10. Nicky, I don't have a clue! Originally I'd have said "we'll put it in the back of the car when we go to visit them" But now I have no idea when we'll be able to make the journey. Baby due on 26th April - but I suspect it will be at least June before a visit is possible, sadly!

  11. Doesn't that look marvellous! I was also wondering the same as Nicky. Did the parcel arrive yet by the way? And is Steph ok:?xx

    1. Steph is ok, but feeling huge and uncomfortable. No sign of a parcel yet!


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