Friday, 17 April 2020

Lockdown Locks

Hairdressers are not deemed "essential" so they have been closed during this time of lockdown. I had my hair cut on March 12th - so fortunately it's still looking ok. But I took a picture of Bob on Good Friday and realised just how long his hair is getting.

Someone asked me how tall Bob has, as his hair appears to touch the ceiling- I had to explain that he is tall, but I'm pretty short so that affects the camera angle!
I shall have to get out the trusty clippers and give him a trim, preferably before his next YouTube church appearance. 
Have you seen the number of disasters perpetrated by amateur barbers over the last few weeks? People seem delighted to share pictures of their nearest and dearest. 
You'd want to die of embarrassment wouldn't you? In fact, you could make a film about that, with Simon Pegg, and call it "Dead of The Shorn" [I couldn't resist that pun, sorry]
I noticed that all the bad haircuts I've seen thus far have been of blokes- does that suggest

  1. women with bad haircuts avoid being photographed?
  2. women are wise enough not to let inexperienced people get near their head with scissors?
  3. most women are just letting their hair grow, and tying it back, or at most, trimming the fringe carefully? [useful trimming instructions here]
Sali Hughes, the Guardian beauty writer, shared this tip from her hairdresser “Stepping back from the blowdryer and straightening or curling iron is easier, saves time, preserves condition and very often looks better,” he says. The trick is to place hair where desired when soaking wet. “Comb it through, apply any product, part it where you like, tuck behind the ears, twist, shake it out – but then leave it alone until it’s dry. Then you can disturb it, taking a piece or two to style with tools, but don’t bother with the back – only the front matters in Zoom meetings.”
 I usually blow dry my hair, and very occasionally curl the ends under with my straighteners [yes, I know that sounds perverse...] but I have been forgetting all of that and following the advice above. And my hair feels fine and dandy, thank you. I have been dyeing my hair for ...years [see here] ever since I started seeing grey hairs growing through. Usually every 13 weeks or so, usually early December, around Easter, June and mid September. I buy boxes of hair colouring when it's on offer, two packs at a time. My last dyeing experience [not counting daughters and henna at Cornerstones] was around 4th January [it never got done in time for Christmas]. That makes it 15 weeks now. And actually, it doesn't seem that grey [check out the YouTube from Sunday] I shall see how it grows. There is a box of dye on top of the cupboard if it starts to look terrible. It will certainly be a long time before I need to plait it, anyway. 

Speaking of plaits, I got a bit carried away with the bread making yesterday!


  1. Ahhh the haircutting. I've done all the boys in the last couple of weeks. Ieuan is planning to bleach out his bright green, I'm sure I'll be asked to help with that. John used the clippers on me to do the back and sides, but the top needs a good trim. I think I'll be doing that myself.

    1. I'd never dare trim my own hair, I'd end up looking like Demi Moore in GI Jane. Similarly I don't feel the need to go bright green, or purple, or vivid pink

  2. Oh, those loaves of bread look delicious!

    Well, I'm still growing out my hair as I prefer long hair and since I don't dye it, I am afraid the closure of hairdressing salons hasn't impacted me.

    1. Round here, many women have a weekly appointment with the hairdressers. I suspect we may see more hat wearing as they try and cover their untended tresses

  3. There will soon be some very interesting haircuts out there!
    I followed the instructions for fringe cutting on the Superdrug website which has a useful video. I like the advice to use a bag clip though! I'm so glad I decided to stop colouring my hair a few years ago and rather like the grey after all.

  4. I stopped colouring my hair over a year ago so that hasn't been a problem. Luckily I'd had my bangs trimmed a couple of weeks before lockdown but may have to trim them a bit as we have just had our lockdown extended for another 28 days! I had though about letting it grow another couple of inches so I'll now get to see how that looks!
    I thought your hair looked lovely on the Sunday video!
    Our senior minister shaved his beard this week - I had teased him saying that he was starting to look a wee bit "Eastern Orthodox". Not sure what he will do about his hair.

  5. Bangs = fringe. Thank you for saying that about the video. Another minister friend has just shaved his beard - he's a part time hospital chaplain and he was told he needed to be clear shaven under his PPE mask

  6. My husband and I both cut our own hair and have for years. I have never dyed my hair so that isn’t an issues. I don’t go for mani/pedi’s choosing to do that stuff myself so I am good in this area. However, the dog is getting really scruffy, the groomer is closed and I am considering getting a set of dog clipper and see what I can do — it has frightening implication.

  7. I hadn't considered the problem of scruffy dogs!

  8. Prince Charming has lopped three inches off my hair in two doses. Perfectly fine, but then as he says if you can't trust an engineer to cut a straight line!

  9. Luckily, I am very, very low maintenance with my hair. I rarely get it cut more than once or twice a year. When I said I really wanted a hair cut, I don't MIND it being as long as it is at the moment because I can tie it up etc it's just it takes so long to wash and if I am trying to be economical with shampoo etc, it's harder when it is longer. And it moults dreadfully- there's always hair everywhere when it hasn't been cut for a while!

  10. P.S. Your bread really looks wonderful! It reminds me that when I was a little girl, the bakery at the end of my road did various rolls etc but my favourites were the mini cottage loaf rolls. They were so tasty! It was one of my most favourite treats in school holidays that Mum would buy us each a roll one day. I would just eat mine dry- I loved fresh white bread so much!


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