Sunday 5 April 2020

Lent Inspirations #5 - Try Praying

 On Sunday 15th March, we launched a special programme at church. It is called "Try Praying"
- it is all about "prayer for those who don't do church".
A big banner was hung outside the church, saying "Try Praying" and people were invited to take the booklets and then start conversations with friends and neighbours, and offer them a copy.
Many people pray at some point in life - before an exam, when a loved one is sick, when facing a job interview, or when there is a moment of crisis or desperation. The little booklet sets out a seven day plan of simple prayers - and maybe those 'desperation prayer people' can find that there is more to it than just calling "Help!" to a God they are not even sure exists. "Take the book, give it away - and come back again next week and share your stories" said Bob.

But we didn't get back the following Sunday- by then, the church buildings were shut up, people were suddenly isolated- no coffee shop dates, visits to the hairdresser, chats at the schoolgates, conversations with other dog walkers in the park...
The banner is still hung in front of the church...I think...I have not been able to go and check. [The picture is one from another church]. 
I really hope that people travelling past UCF will see it, and think "Well, everything else is collapsing round here, perhaps I should Try Praying"
Prayer has kept me going these past few weeks - when I have been anxious about family and friends, grateful for kindness and concern, uncertain about what to do next. If you read this blog regularly, you will know that relying on God's grace underpins my existence, every day of my life. For me, prayer is talking to God, saying please, thankyou, help, hallelujah!
I thought the campaign was a good one - it is non-threatening, "here's a book, take it or leave it, but why not try praying? " There's an explanatory video here, and the website is here.
So I brought home a stack of the little blue 7-day prayer guides. 
And I have still got them, because I haven't had any opportunity to share them. So I'm offering them as a giveaway on the blog.
If you are the praying type already, I'm not sending you one just to sit prettily on the bookshelf with your other Christian books - but if there is genuinely somebody else you would like to pass it on to, then again, email me with your address.
If you would like one for yourself, because maybe you think this is a good time to try out this prayer thing [let's face it, the days can seem very long in lockdown, and it is something different to read] please email me with your address and I will post it to you. 
Try praying - what have you got to lose?


  1. Any time is a good time for praying, but, this particular time seems like an extra good time! I hope you get lots of takers for your prayer books, Angela. Hope both you and Bob are recovering and all is well with you both.

  2. Thank you Bless - you are right about prayer. The sun is shining here today and we are both feeling bright and well.

  3. I am the praying type — I find that mental prayers are sort of with me all the time. I think there is a name for that sort of praying but I find myself talking to God through Jesus all the time. I need that and I don’t understand people who don’t. I hope you get to share your books and I hope they bring the recipients to prayer. As you say, what do you have to lose?

  4. What a lovely idea. I hope you find just the right people to give them to. I am constantly praying, often just in my head.


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