Thursday, 9 April 2020

Sew Relaxing

I've had the machine out this week. It's been good fun. I made another crossover apron for a friend. Very pleased with the way it came out - its a lovely floral cotton. But I had to pin the straps because you have to fit it to the wearer - so the recipient will have to adjust it when she gets it and sew the ends in place.
When I replaced the bobbin, I noticed there was rather a lot of fluff in the bobbin case. I used to blow it out with Bob's compressed air spray [that's airspray, not hairspray!] 
But Andrew, at White Orchid who services my machines told me that might be ok for computers, but it is bad for sewing machines, because it blows all the fluff into the workings. I cut up some scraps of soft cotton, and holding them with tweezers, gently wiped round the bobbin area. It was horrifying to see the oily black fluff which came out!
At Christmas, we gave Rosie a Baby Annabell doll, and I made her a carry sling. This week I noticed our young neighbour [also called Rosie] outside in the back garden with her BA doll. "Would you like a sling?" I asked. It is a matter of minutes to make these. I took it round, and asked her Mum if I could borrow Annabell for a moment.
I needed to take a few measurements!
 Then I had fun making two pairs of doll's pyjamas - one set will go off to Rosie shortly. The blue fabric is some shirting from the stash, and I made some contrast bias with a bit of floral cotton.
My final sewing job was to repair my chinos. I do not know how I made a tiny hole in them, halfway down my left thigh. I decided simply to patch the back of the hole with interfacing then do some satin stitch on the machine to strengthen it.
The right hand picture is a more accurate reflection of the colour. I tried all my khaki threads, and the 3rd matched the best. It is a tiny little darn - and doesn't really show. I'm not discarding the trousers for one little hole!
An apron, a sling, 2 pairs of doll pjs and a chino mend. |And all that fluff dealt with. It has been a good sewing session!
I have been asked about sewing DIY face masks. This is not something I plan to do myself. I think the WHO guidelines are clear about this. Professionals should have professional surgical masks, or N-95 respirators. There are too many issues around fitting, laundry and disposal, and the fact that the virus can stay on the surface for a long time. I would not want to make someone a mask which gives them a false sense of security. But that's just my opinion.
Having the machine out has been good - it has made things feel a little more "normal" Maybe I shall make a pair of summer dresses for the two Annabells.


  1. A great set of makes, I have been finishing off projects that started months ago. I'm with you on the masks thing. I'm not making any at the moment as there not deemed to be suitable for health professionals. I might make them for the family if we are required to wear them out and about. The other thing is scrubs, but again they have to made from specific fabric and tested. And it's expensive, any sewing I'm doing is sewing up my stash. Besides companies like Community Clothing are making scrubs for the NHS in their uk factories, which is brilliant.

    1. Good to know that you feel the same way about masks etc. And like you, I think lockdown sewing should be a stashbusting exercise!

  2. The apron fabric is very pretty!

    I have sewn some face masks for myself and two of my friends. One friend works at a grocery store and she called me to say that she was trying to sew some masks for herself, but, was having problems with her sewing machine. So, I offered to make some masks for her. Our mayor required us to wear face coverings when we are out and about. We have been specifically asked not to wear the surgical and higher grade masks as they are to be reserved only for health care workers. Today, the mayor announced that as of Friday, all grocery stores and other businesses that are open, have to provide masks for their employees, and all customers have to wear face coverings or the stores can deny them service. The fabric masks I've sewn are not intended for health care workers, but, hopefully, they will help those who are performing other important services. I made them with fabric I had in my stash.

  3. I'm very impressed with your sewing! I love that apron- it is so cleverly made. And how thoughtful of you to share the sling with the little girl. Such a kind thing to do.
    Your sewing skills are such a blessing.x


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