Tuesday 14 April 2020

Going Clip Clippety Clop On The Stair

Are you old enough to remember this 'novelty' song from 1965? [55 years ago!] Recorded by Ronnie Hilton, the single sold more than a million copies that year. I've only been to Holland once, but I loved Amsterdam, and the windmills, and the tulips - and the lovely blue and white delftware.

Steph and Gary have been using 'lockdown time' to get the home ready for the arrival of the baby. One project which needed finishing was the staircase. 
They wanted to have a painted staircase with a blue and white Delft-type theme, which would blend with the wood effect in the hall, and the blue/grey landing carpet.

  1. First Steph experimented on the bottom two steps to see how it looked.
  2. Then alternate treads were painted blue
  3. And then remaining treads
  4. Then the risers were painted white.
  5. Finally all the risers had their blue design stencilled in place.

Here's the completed staircase [with a coat of non slip safety varnish]
I think it looks great - the hall is so much lighter and brighter than it was before. I think this picture is good enough to be in a magazine!
Well done S&G! I hope it is not too long before I get to climb this staircase!


  1. Wow, that is fantastic. What a lot of work but well worth it.

  2. That looks so nice! I love the color scheme (I collect lots of blue and white china!) and they did such a neat job with the stenciling! Haven't heard that song, before, though!

  3. That is beautiful!! I admire anyone with clever ideas like this (and the inclination to do them) I'm so boring and conventional!

  4. I would have been 15 in September 1965 and remember the song well. I think the staircase is really nice and unusual. I am glad you are both feeling better.

  5. That looks very chic. Send it to Country living, it really is magazine worthy.

  6. I remember Ronnie Hilton and the song about the same time as Dickie Valentine was popular. I remember by daughter taking some Guides to Amsterdam and I went wth them it was lovely.
    S & G stairs are beautiful and certaining could be in a Home Beautiful magazine Well Done.
    Hazel c uk. 🌈🌈🌈

  7. I have so much love for that song. I learnt it when v young as my sister's dance class did a dance to it for their show and so I learnt the song. I actually taught it to my kids in Singing Assembly in the Spring of 2018 and they loved it so much. We did a whole load of classic songs like Poppa Piccolino, Wonderful Copenhagen, Meong Meong which was part of a Round the World theme.
    Those stairs look astonishingly good! Definitely deserve to be in a magazine!!!

  8. The stairs are beautiful! I love the blue and white-the stenciling looks just like tile!

  9. I think Steph deserves particular credit for achieving that when nearly 9 months pregnant.

  10. Thanks everyone - Steph says you're all very kind with your comments. And indeed you are.


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