Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Corny Joke

Friday....Rosie and I were just about to go for a walk. We met our neighbour and said Hello. She and I chatted briefly and then Rosie pointed to something growing through the gravel.
"Grandma, this looks like cereal" she said.
Neighbour says it does indeed, and tells me how bright my granddaughter is.
"Actually Rosie, I think they might be weeds" I say
Monday... Rosie was talking with Liz about her day at Grandma School. "... and then we had snack time" "What was your snack?" "It was those biscuits with weeds on them"


  1. A perfect example of the surprising powers of observation of children Rosie's age!

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  3. Haha!!! That is brilliant!

  4. !! I wonder if you are keeping a diary of your time with Rosie, recording all her funny sayings and the things she does with you. Years later I'm sure she would enjoy looking at it and reminiscing.

    1. She has a Learning File and every day all her worksheets etc go into that, along with photographs. At the back I write detailed notes on each day for her parents- including new words learned, and her wonderful comments on life. She soaks up information like a sponge, and she is a delight to teach. This time with her is so precious.

  5. Ha Ha - they are way more observant than we give them credit for!

  6. I bet Liz was surprised to hear that Grandma served biscuits with weeds on them! :D Too funny!


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