Thursday, 11 June 2020

The Seat Of Learning

In 1959, I was four years old. I could already read and write, and so my Grandad, a carpenter, made me a school desk. In 1986, when Liz was four, her Grandad [is my Dad] renovated it. My Mum insisted that he added safety straps to the lid, and rubber buttons to prevent trapped fingers. Why she did not worry about me in earlier years, I never found out.
Both Liz and Steph sat at this little desk. In 1996, a local primary school was throwing out some chairs. I sanded down and repainted most of them, as gifts for my young nieces. And added little tie-on cushion pads. But one chair remained in the loft.
As you can see, Liz left her mark on the desk!
Now it is waiting at Cornerstones, for the next four year old to come along and do her reading and writing there. I am truly grateful for being in a family which has always valued education, and encouraged us to learn.


  1. What a wonderful heirloom that desk has turned out to be! I think a certain little 4-year old is going to enjoy sitting at that desk! ;)

  2. What a beautiful little desk, when my brother and I were small my dad used to make us things he made me a lovely dolls house and he made us several wooden sledges which were very heavy as he put metal runners on the bottom. Great memories. Heather

    1. I always hoped for a sledge... I did have a dolls house, which we renovated for Liz & Steph, but it got damaged beyond repair in a house move. My doll's cot is in bits in the garage awaiting renovation (as it has been for some time, oops!)

    2. If you still have it you could try "The Repair Shop" !!

  3. A lovely memory piece, and it will indeed go on and on into who knows how many generations!

  4. What a lovely thing to own, full of treasured memories. A wonderful piece to pass down. I remember sitting at something very similar in my early school days.


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