Saturday 20 June 2020

Grandma, You're One Crazy Girl!

Well, that's what Rosie said on Wednesday anyway. She does have a remarkable turn of phrase for a four year old. And an utterly irrepressible sense of fun. [That may be genetic - on both sides of her family] 
Week One of School With Grandma has gone OK - and today is My Day to myself, I shall be pottering around doing odd jobs here and there. But I will be chuckling to myself over little things Rosie has said in the past few days.
We made three Fathers' Day Cards [for her Dad and the two Grandads] I'd printed out a greeting in a grey font for her to go over with brightly coloured crayons, on a folded sheet to slip inside the frog-related card [OK I admit it, I was reusing some green frogs leftover from kids' club]
Rosie was slowly and deliberately doing her writing and sounding out the words as she did so. "Hopping along on fat...fat...fat.." I explained that the h changed the 't' to 'th' and that word was father.
Rosie was completely overcome with giggles when she realised that the word for father begins with fat
Then she got confused, and thought that these were some sort of birthday cards. She began singing "Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Fat Grandad..."
I'm not quite sure what I did to gain the description 'One crazy girl' - but I'm certainly a happy one, having this little treasure to keep me occupied right now. 


  1. Rosie is such a precious little girl! How lovely that you get to enjoy her presence during the week. Enjoy your day to yourself. :)

  2. How sweet! Sounds as though you are both having an amazing time - but enjoy your day to yourself.


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