Thursday, 25 June 2020

What We Did On Wednesday

On Tuesday we went for a walk, and picked up a few items - including pine cones. So we did some work on owls yesterday and made cone-owls. Rosie enjoyed that [but refused to have the felt pen mark wiped off her face before the photo] She already knew that owls are nocturnal, but I have yet to tell her that a group of owls is called a Parliament. [Presumably because it is a gathering of wise creatures...]
I've got myself organised about breadmaking and yogurt production now. These are the two loaves produced on Wednesday afternoon. I brushed these with milk, which has given a lovely golden crust. Liz made some amazing rolls, from her Dan Lepard recipe book, and posted a picture on Twitter. DL himself actually posted a really encouraging comment! What a nice bloke.


  1. Those owls are cute and I like Rosie's beauty spot! :)

    I'm drooling over your bread! Enjoy a slice for me, please. I still haven't been able to buy yeast.

    1. Oh Bless, it seems like WEEKS since you said there was no yeast. Hope it's back in stores soon for you.

  2. Oh my! Rosie looks like YOU!
    She's beautiful!
    I'm really getting Jolly ready to begin his journey. Soon!

    1. Her expression maybe mine, but her beautiful red curls are inherited from Bob's Mum.

  3. Yum!!!!! Looks gorgeous!
    She's such a sweetie!
    I love your pinecone owls!

  4. She is such a cutie! Those loaves of bread look amazing - my mouth is watering.
    I have suddenly had lots of luck with yeast both instant and then today, regular. I could have even bought a jar of yeast for a bread machine but since I don't own one I didn't bother. I am well stocked for Fall/Winter baking (it's too hot here in the summer to do much).


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