Tuesday 16 June 2020

Family Matters

There's two ways to read that
"Family Matters" meaning matters pertaining to the family, news of what is happening
"Family Matters" meaning the family is important, it matters.
When you saw the title, how did you read it?
It doesn't really matter - this post concerns both meanings.
First news - I have left Bob. We are both in agreement about this decision. No, don't panic, this isn't 'conscious uncoupling' or anything like that. I still love him more than I can ever say.
But on Sunday I drove back from Dorset up to Cornerstones. Like many of you reading this, I am now a single-person household.
Second bit of news - I'm in a 'bubble' with Rosie, Liz, and Jon. She cannot go back to Nursery yet, and they are busy WFH. So it makes sense for me to be here, just round the corner, so that Rosie can come to Grandma's Garden School every day.
Most of my working life has been involved in 'Supply Teaching' - stepping in to cover when the regular educational personnel cannot be there. I have done Early Years Training, my Preschool Learning Alliance Diploma, managed a Nursery, been an Under-Eights Advisor for a London Borough, and my DBS Certificate [Police Check] is all up to date. This is what I do - and love doing. We got back to Dorset on Wednesday and I was soon able to pack the car with craft materials, lesson plans, worksheets, educational games...
At the moment I have no idea how long I shall be here - but it seems to be working. Rosie is enjoying having a different person to talk to, and a day which is structured to occupy her in a more purposeful way. Liz and Jon can work undisturbed 
via Zoom, the phone and the internet. 
Bob is managing fine on his own - although Church members have suggested that when I return I may find a lathe in the lounge, a new motorbike in the garage, and more 'luxury' foods in the fridge. We shall see...
A wise friend reminded me that I am not as young as I used to be, and I need to plan in some proper down-time, for rest and relaxation away from this bouncy 4 year old. I've brought knitting, and sewing, and more jigsaws to occupy the evenings, and I plan early nights with good books too.
I believe that family does matter - and when there is a need, and you have the opportunity to help, then you should. I am really glad that the current easing of lockdown means this is all possible. 
[I have just discovered that the keyboard on the Cornerstones computer is unusual. @ and " are interchanged, and there appears to be no exclamation mark. I use them too often anyway, so that is probably a good thing]


  1. You may find the keyboard is set to American. There is a simple fix try googling it, I think is is control,Windows, space.

    1. Thank you Pam, I shall work on this tomorrow! I just had fun trying to go to a site where my password included a symbol I could not locate on the keyboard at all- I ended up copying and pasting.

  2. What a good idea. Have fun with Rosie. Lets hope things can get a bit more normal very soon.

  3. What a blessing that you can be there to help out with Rosie! I'm sure she loves attending Grandma's Garden School. No doubt Bob will miss you (and you will miss him), but, "absence makes the heart grow fonder", they say. :)

  4. I'm so glad you are getting to see Rosie (& Liz and Jon) and you want to spend this time with her whilst she's still young, it is so important and you are definitely in a good position to really help nurture her educationally as well as emotionally. I wish I'd spent more time with my niece K when she was this age.
    But Yes, please remember rest.

  5. I took it to mean you are going to say something about your family, so me being nosey, I had a look. Your new arrangement sounds like fun.

  6. I was just speaking with a friend yesterday who will be doing much as you are within the next month. Her son and DIL have been working from home with a bouncy 2 year old in tow! She normally attends a Montessori school and they have provided online "lessons" - even for a 2 year old. But she really does need to be kept an eye on.

    Dad is now going back to the office a few days a week which leaves mom working from home on her own - not ideal. Daycares and Montessoris are only just opening up here with many restrictions including priority placements for front-line workers and single parents. Since we have just this past weekend been allowed into our "bubbles of 10" Grandma will probably be taking over babysitting duties for much of the summer - not that she minds. But, as has been mentioned, it can be a lot more tiring than expected so grandma will be getting some days off!
    Enjoy this time with Rosie after so much time apart.

  7. You are doing a wonderful thing, Ang, but do remember to build in the rest time. Four year olds can be exhausting!

  8. Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement. It will be fun, it will be challenging, it will be exhausting - but I believe it will be worth it, for both Rosie AND her parents.

  9. kidnap a grandparent for childcare seems perfectly reasonable to me ...ive compromised by kidnapping my grandson whos here indefinitely or till his school is able to reopen

  10. I'm a bit confused as I thought Rosie and her parents lived in London not near you at Cornerstones. Perhaps I'm out of date.

  11. You are right Nicky... Normally they do live and work in London. But they have a cottage near Cornerstones. They were visiting it in early March when the nursery closed and the university said "work from home". It made sense to stay in Norfolk (less chance of getting covid19 and there's a garden and more space for Rosie) so this is where they've been for over 3 months. But both very busy with work commitments, phone calls and zoom meetings. It's hard to look after Rosie and do all that.

  12. Thank you. I now see how it has all worked out. What a brilliant way of making the best use of everyone's time.


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