Monday, 22 June 2020

Maybe I Smell Like Prince Charles...

Back in mid March when I contracted covid19, and Bob got it a day or so later, we both became aware that we'd lost our sense of taste. At that point, it hadn't been mentioned as a symptom in the media. It began with Bob saying the cheese wasn't very nice - I don't eat cheese, but I pointed out that this wasn't Basics Cheddar, it was fancy M&S stuff which a friend had kindly left in the porch for us. A day or so later he tasted it again, and said it was fine, and that his sense of taste had been faulty.
Then I was aware of an odd smell in the house. I kept trying to describe it to Bob (sort of soapy chemical - not particularly unpleasant but pervasive) but he said things seemed OK to him. Then I smelt it in the motorway services, and in Stephs garden... And I realised the smell was wherever I was. It was me! "Do I smell weird?" I asked him anxiously. Bob reassured me that I didn't, and that if I ever did, he would let me know in as tactful a way as possible.
The smell is still there, in my nostrils most of the time. Just occasionally I can smell things, if they are strong and close by. The oil leak from the boiler, a new pack of coffee, a beautiful rose from Liz's garden.
It does affect my sense of taste. I hope it's not forever. Perfume guru Jo Malone lost her sense of smell during treatment for breast cancer, but says it returned in a more powerful, different way. You never know... 
Prince Charles recently stated that his sense of smell left him while he was ill with covid19. I don't know how he smells now - maybe he smells like I do. 
Have you had the virus? has it had any longlasting effects? 


  1. I lost my sense of smell around the time of my menopause and it has never returned. Of course it also affects taste, you are left with the ability to taste salt, sweet, sour and the elusive unami. It can be quite debilitating think sour milk, bad eggs, gas leaks but much worse are the pleasurable smells babies, the garden after rain, washing from the line but the worst loss for me is the smell of my husband when he gives me a cuddle.

  2. As you say, it's the loss of special smells which is sad

  3. I can't smell certain things - durian fruit, for example, which is probably a good thing! I lost my sense of taste for certain things during chemo, but, I don't remember losing my sense of smell.

  4. I had the same symptom. Loss of smell and taste. My taste returned after a week and the smell too but my smell is not the same. I can only smell certain things when they are really close.

  5. We both went down with Covid19 in March too. My sense of smell is fine but some things taste "funny" still. My husband's sense of smell is still not very good. He can only smell very strong odours - not even coffee - yet. His sense of taste is not too bad but not quite there yet. He does not understand this because the sense of taste and smell are so closely linked. My daughter and her husband have also had the virus and their sense of taste and smell were not affected. Strange, isn't it.

  6. I lost my sense of smell about 18 years ago after being hospitalised due to a severe nosebleed. I had all sorts of tests for a few years afterwards and was eventually told it was 'one of those things'! It's never returned and of course, taste had been affected as well. I can't actually smell anything at all so think I am probably in a better position than you are as you are constantly aware of an odd smell.

    1. "odd smell" is the best description of it. Thank you. I'm sorry you cannot smell anything at all. It's all set strange...

  7. I have very poor sense of smell and taste, have had about... 15-20 years? But now, during this covid-spring, they have improved drastically. It is weird to actually smell nuances while walking in the woods. Or tasting how food actually tastes, I've found out I'm an excellent cook and I've eaten several kilos now. Got to get them off.
    I think (though I can't be sure) this change is due working at home. My offices have always been in old buildings, they are old, dusty, mouldy, no ac etc. This is nice, even if it is temporarily.

  8. I also lost my sense of taste during chemo - which was horrid. Everything just tasted of nothing, and textures were also odd. Happily this only lasted for two weeks after each treatment - so I'd have a week when my tastebuds had renewed and I could start to taste again. And then it went again. I existed on marmite sandwiches and cranberry juice! And Mr FD made me smoothies with raspberries and ice cream which I could taste a bit...but which were at least a nice texture to eat!

  9. Chemo does seem to be a common reason for loss of smell, but clearly for most people it returns. Perhaps mine will come na k eventually


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