Friday, 31 October 2008


It was me! I was in Borders and they had a big display of new books. I decided that there were rather too many on show by Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross. So I..erm..rearranged them, and put a number of these two editions on top of them!

delia frugal This one is a re-issue of a book that the Blessed Saint Delia first brought out in 1976.

Back then it was a cheap'n'cheerful paperback -slightly more in keeping with it's title.

The other one jamie o ministrywas Jamie Oliver's latest offering.

After reading Bob's recent post I think I should perhaps put JO on my Conversion Prayer List. Imagine what a phenomenal evangelist he might be if he became a committed Christian! [His language would improve too]

Looking for something else on the kitchen bookshelf at home this morning,I found my copy oMoreWithLess_STf the More With Less Cookbook. [Apologies Liz, and Steph - as I had suspected one of you two of 'borrowing' it!]

The picture is the 25th Anniversary Edition - mine is one of the originals from 1978.

This book is written by a Mennonite, and has some lovely recipes in it. [Please pay no attention to Marge Simpson at this point, who once declared "Ooh, the Amish are so industrious, not like those shiftless Mennonites…"

Mennonites are, for the most part, peaceable, hardworking Christian folk who do a lot of good all round the world - and they have delicious food too. You would not find them broadcasting crude and insulting messages on Radio 2!


  1. I'm glad we're finally off the hook for that one!

  2. te absolve - or words to that effect.

    I seem to recall my mum had a paperback called something like '500 meals on a small budget' in the early 1970's. Not a very sassy title, but it did the job.

  3. I rearrange books at Borders, too (don't tell!). Sometimes it just needs doing.

    Is JO's Ministry of Food a book as well as a show? I've not heard of it (maybe it hasn't made it Stateside?), and I do love me some Jamie. Hate to hear there's cussing in it, tho--I get so tired of shows I can only watch when the children are out of the room!

  4. dear L-H-H Yes, Jamie's book to accompany the show is out now. But like you,I abhor the bad language. Apparently they are going to produce a "Pre-Watershed" version, with all the f-words bleeped out [do you have 'watershed' TV in USA?]. Bob's hoping to get that, for his evangelism training!
    Sorry Steph - you KNOW that when I cannot find anything here, I assume [sometimes with good reason!] it has disappeared to London with you 2 girls!
    C - if the credit crunch gets worse, you may have to dig out your Mum's book!!

  5. I have (an original copy) of Frugal Food that cost 10p at a book fare - it is a cookbook I like to dip into from time to time but it was written when there were still butchers to sweet talk.
    Start praying for Jamie - please ask the Lord to give him a few more brain cells.


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