Friday, 31 October 2008

Crafty moments

IM002915 Christmas presents and other craft stuff well under way.

Here's a 'teaser' shot of one of the baskets I have made.

I also spent some time one evening working on the button bracelets.IM002920 I am quite pleased with the three I have made so far. 19cm does seem the right diameter.

They are threaded on fine copper wire [from John Lewis Haberdashery] and then there is a fine cord elastic loop on the last button.

So you can undo them and fasten them on to your wrist - but there is just enough give in the elastic to pre-fasten it and slide it over your hand.

IM002921 Most of my buttons are really old, and many have been given to me - but some are salvaged from outgrown garments. The blue stars came from a pair of PJs Liz had [a Christmas gift from my Dad]  when she was about ten, and one of the green ones was from a cardigan she had when she was two [knitted by my friend Libby, whose husband Graham was at Spurgeons College with Bob. They are now pastoring in New Zealand] One of the pinky/purple ones was from a top I made in 1972 when I was in the sixth form! My friend Alison bought the Simplicity pattern and about five of us made up the top. It was really complicated, cut on the bias. It is such fun, going through the button tin and recalling the memories of good friends and good times!


The girls at Sewing Club are continuing to work hard to produce goods for their Charity Sale - but have realised that we cannot do it before Christmas, simply because they haven't produced enough stock yet. Here are three aprons and a peg bag!


These are all being produced from recycled vintage fabrics.

The pocket on the third apron is really cute - it was originally the edge of a sheet and has three gambolling sheep on it.

The bias binding on the pegbag was made with my lovely bias binding maker. A brilliant gadget which saves no end of money!

biasbinding1 It was a Christmas gift from Auntie Peggy when Liz was a toddler [so must be at least 25 years old] and you simply thread a strip of fabric through and iron it as it comes out, and voila! binding ready-to-use.

I have got two now, for standard and wider bindings.


They cost about £6 - but as there are no parts to go wrong and they are incredibly simple to use, they last for years.

I have got to move the machines and stuff now though - family coming to visit tomorrow, and I mustn't leave their Christmas gifts on show, and spoil the surprise!


  1. LOVE the crafts! I especially love the button bracelets! So cute! :)

  2. Thanks - Hoping to make some more bracelets next week if I have time. They are quite easy to do, providing I do not get distracted reminiscing about the origins of the buttons!


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