Monday, 27 October 2008

Back to work

dianne tidball Yesterday afternoon was fun- we went over to Newbold Verdon Baptist Chapel for their 175th Anniversary Celebration service. Dianne, our Regional Minister, led the prayers, a lady called Gayle was baptised, and Bob Simpson, the pastor, preached. I only have a picture of Dianne, so here it is.

A joint Methodist/Baptist choir, made up of ladies from the village, sang.  Sylvia, who lived in NV, but belongs to KMFC had made and iced a splendid cake. It was a good Sunday on which to end our holiday. I do hope my friend C's baptismal service, just up the road, was as joyful.

Today I have been preparing for tonight's speaking engagement [God, Me and a Sewing Machine] and realising that so much of the stuff I sew is for other people, so my demonstration samples are somewhat limited. I can hardly take a pair of curtains and an ironing board cover to show them!

Charlie has been to the Vet, for claw clipping and general health check. The vet was very encouraging and prescribed painkillers to go along with his anti-inflammatories. She stressed he is getting older, so we should expect to notice a general slowing down. She asked if he had developed any strange habits which showed he was going senile "For instance, does he just stand and stare at the wall?" We said he didn't do that.

Is that a strange and senile habit, then? I mean, if I cannot remember something, I just stand and stare blankly for a while till it comes back to me. I think I have done that all my life. I am definitely now at the age where I believe in The Hereafter. I get upstairs and think "What am I here after?"

Bob has just directed me to the wonderfully intriguing entry in Wikipedia regarding Newbold Verdon, which I feel obliged to share with you.

"Newbold Verdon is a village in the county of Leicestershire, England. The first settlers in the 600s were Christian Anglo-Saxons, which named the site 'New Sodom' due to a Biblical misinterpretation. In the Domesday Book the settlement was called Niwebold."

But there is no sport of explanation as to why they thought it was the New Sodom!!

IM002510 Going away for a holiday is wonderful - but there is always so much to be done when you return [laundry to be done, mail to sort out, bills to be paid].

One thing to celebrate - I have finished knitting all the sea lettuce scarves I plan to give as Christmas gifts! If you missed my tutorial with Jennie's incredibly easy pattern, it is here

Friday's Alternative Halloween Event is looming up on me. I hope the numbers for that have picked up a little. Lots of crafty things to get prepared and photocopied for that.

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