Monday, 5 January 2009

Fancy Dress!


Steph and Mark have sent me photographs of their New Year's Party.

They had lots of fun up in Northumberland at their Fancy Dress is Mark complete with bow and arrow.

I am pleased that his hat and tunic fit OK. Don't know if they are Mark's Boots [Shouldn't he be P1010065in Green Tights too?]

On Saturday I took Liz back to London, where Jon was happily wearing his new trainers.

These are illustrated with pictures from Maurice Sendak's Book "Where The Wild Things Are"

It is a lovely children's book, but I hadn't realised it was also available as Merchandise [particularly not for adults!] Jon was vwild thingsery pleased to have got the shoes half price in the sales.The red box they came in was fun too!

Having taken Liz back, I then went to Romford to cousin Gillian's. Collected more family Christmas gifts, and then felt very full of cold.  Drove home and went to bed. Seven hours driving, mostly on the motorway, was exhausting. Felt dreadful all day Sunday, still got sore throat and stuffy nose, so missed church completely, which was horrid. Fortunately feeling better today!




  1. they aren't boots - it's two halves of an old grey scarf tied on with twine!

  2. Oh very inventive! Like "yellow stockings cross gartered" but in grey.


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