Saturday, 31 January 2009

Romans 16:16

Rachel sent me this today. I had heard Richard Stilgoe sing it before, but not seen the YouTube version. I suspect that there are probably Mrs Beamish characters in our village [so I pray for our Rector, in case they go to the Parish Church!]


  1. That was so funny. I think we've all known a few Mrs Beamish types; our Pastor, when he was the vicar of the CofE church on the corner, had to run two services on a Sunday, one family service and one to placate the multitudinous Mrs Beamish types that lived in the village. :)

  2. Looks like you all had a lot of fun!! I love watching Keeping up Appearances and how squeamish the vicar and others get when she's around! I just pity the poor bloke of a hubby!! Thanks for sharing this with us! And thanks for stopping by! I had some glitches with my laptop and couldn't remember your blog title. I'm glad you stopped by! God bless! Have an awesome weekend.

  3. I was right about her being in the village - someone at church this morning told me her grandmother was actually called Mrs Beamish!! [Actually, I think my friend's relation was probably much nicer than the one in the clip]

  4. Always great to hear this- but you neglect to say it was not just Richard- it was in partnership with singer/songwriter and long-standing pal, Peter Skellern and performed on one of their Tours together. Hilarious recordings of these shows with such diverse subjects covered as School Dinners, Ramblers, a wonderful skit and song on Line Dancing which was ,in fact, performed at the Queens 80th Birthday bash at Windsor Castle. Not always humorous, there is also a very soulful song about the The Miner's Strike- research further- enjoy!


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