Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Easter Saturday

Last week, Bob conducted a funeral at Bramcote Crematorium. I have lost count of how many services he has done recentlycrem, but this was a new venue. He said it was an extremely well organised crem, in lovely surroundings.

When he came home, he said that en route, he’d noticed a very pleasant looking park close by.

So on Saturday, we went, with Steph, to investigate.

According to the websiteBramcote Hills Park is approximately 21 hectares in size, comprising a mix of woodland and parkland.  It is a focal point for community participation in leisure and recreational activities and is a much appreciated facility for dog walkers, parents with young children and families.


There are many key and varied features to the park, including the Holocaust Memorial Garden, the cycle path and the open parkland.  Historic features include the ice-house, the site of the former Bramcote Hills House and the walled garden.  Facilities include a new exciting play area, trim trail and cricket square, as well as picnic areas and seating.  The interpretation panels throughout the park help illustrate the area's history.


We certainly enjoyed ourselves – we had a good wander round, then went off to nearby IKEA for a brief shopping trip and lunch 

IKEA was very successful – we got a voucher when we bought lunch – so next time we will get our lunch money back against purchases. I have wanted a small whisk for some time. Lakeland charge £6.99 for two. I got a set of mini tools for £4.07 in the children's department.

lakeland miniwhisk

ikea duktig tools

I have been thinking about making another patchwork quilt. But the wadding/interlining I bought for the two Cornerstones ones was quite expensive so I have delayed starting another quilt project.

In the bargain basement I found a huge bedspread [260 x 280cm] , which I decided would make an ideal quilt interlining.alina-bedspread-and--cushion-covers

‘Alina’ sets are usually sold with two cushions for £61.27. the cushions were missing – so I got the spread for just £4.50!!!! Steph bought a cheese grater and a few other little bits for her new flat.

Then we returned to the Park, as the Easter funfair had opened. Steph and Bob were very keen to ride The Waltzer



[No, Bob didn’t lose his panama – he remembered to give it to me before the ride started] We didn’t ride the ‘Super Bob’


It was gloriously hot, so we bought ice creams from Mr Whippy. The vendor was a real Italian Ice Cream Seller, and I recalled “Oh, oh, Antonio” – another of the little ditties of which my Dad was so fond…

The full lyrics are here – but I found this clip of Sir Richard Branson’s godfather. Like Dad, he was born in 1924. This is just how I remember my father singing this, if we ever saw an icecream seller [Italian or otherwise]

Does anyone else remember this song??

Although we were not out for very long, we had a marvellous time. I should like to go back to Bramcote Hills Park again, and explore some more. Today we saw the bluebells, and the people under the trees practising Martial Arts – and lots of happy children in the playground [free] and in the funfair [pricey] – but I am interested in the Ice House and the Walled Garden, and the Holocaust Memorial.


  1. I too am interested in the Holocaust Memorial :is there a Jewish population nearby,or is there another connection?
    I love 'oh,oh, Antonio'.I know it from the television series 'The Monocled Mutineer'(1980s I think).
    Jane x

  2. Oh, it sounds like such fun! Parks are such a gift to all ages!
    I love that song. I'd never heard it!
    I wish you an abundance of sunshine days!


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