Saturday, 19 October 2013

Be Prepared

Two beaches - on the left, Zafrana, Egypt, and on the right, Mablethorpe , Lincolnshire

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         mablethorpe-beach

I have visited neither of these, so cannot vouch for their accuracy. But today I am going to Mablethorpe to meet with a group of ladies to help them prepare for next year’s WWDP. I leave at 7am!


I have my CDs of music and meditation stuff, the Together in Prayer magazine, and samples of the props needed for the service next March. That includes lengths of sand coloured fabric [sand] blue fabric [River Nile] and green fabric [vegetation] Plus jugs for water, an Egyptian flag, an Ankh and some other bits.

[Not to mention laptop, data projector, and an extension lead]


You could always print off a flag from the Internet, but I purchased my ‘table flag’ online and the company kindly sent me a voucher against future purchases [and a little bag of Haribo sweets]


Bob says he thinks the Managing Director looks like a Transylvanian Funeral Director. I felt that was uncharacteristically uncharitable of him [and so I may not share my sweeties!]

For those of you who care not two hoots for WWDP Preparation Days, I will leave you with a Terry Pratchett Rebus involving one Egyptian artefact and a picture of Thursday night’s sausages!



  1. I know how much work goes into the planning of the WWDP, but what a pity you couldn't have gone to Egypt!
    I lie your take on Ankh-Morpork!!

  2. That should have read 'I like...'


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