Thursday, 24 October 2013

Following the Thread…

So satisfying to turn this hopeless tangle…


…into this lovely rainbow of usable lengths of embroidery silk.

IMG_0949 There were just a few paper bands round some skeins. I know the Anchor brand – but Don Maid is new to me. I think they were a haberdashery firm in the 1950s also producing knitting patterns - does anyone have any more information about this company?


Thank you for all the kind comments. We are taking it easy and resting lots – and very pleased to have Liz and Jon staying with us for the weekend.


  1. That is some impressive sorting!! The kind of thing that I would find impossible - due to (a) my lack of patience (b) my surfeit of cats who enjoy chasing threads. TBH knitting is a big enough challenge with the cats!!

  2. An array of lovely colours. I got a large bundle of embroidery thread from a car boot a couple of years back. A job for L during half term, I think.

  3. That first bundle is almost irresistible. I use mini zip lock bags sometimes, when I can get them. WS xxx


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