Sunday, 27 October 2013

Celtic Prayer Weave

celtic weaving

Into my life

I weave the love of God

Into my striving and my being

I weave the peace of God

Into the frayed edges of my life

I weave the crimson thread

of His forgiveness and strength

Into my stony heart

I weave His kindness

melting me into love

Into my darkness

I weave His light and life

Into my time

I weave His eternity

celtic weaving2

[poem by Julie Steadman-sorry I have no more details]


  1. Hi Angela. I love your blog but it is a shame that you only suggest that we help needy Christians. I have helped many wonderful people over the years and most of them were not Christians. I don't think God would want us to turn away from the needy if they aren't Christian

  2. Hi Cherie - not sure what you mean by saying that I "only suggest we help needy Christians". Whilst I acknowledge that many of the charities I support do have a Christian basis, certainly they do not restrict where they give aid, and many other caring groups I have promoted via the blog have no particular Christian emphasis.
    I believe in giving aid where I can to WHOEVER is in need - and take Jesus' words in Matthew 25 and Luke 10 very seriously. I am not aware of ever suggesting that aid should only go to Christians. I am sorry if you have got that impression, as it is totally false.

    1. I'll back Ang up on this- I've read her blog for years and not picked up any message like that. In fact her practical love & action for ANYONE really shine though many of her posts.

    2. Thank you Floss for your kind words

  3. And just to say-great prayer, and just what I needed today. Thanks, Ang.

  4. Jut home from a weekend at Corrymeela. Wish I'd had this last night when we were leading worship. Did a sort of a thread thing. This would have made it much better!

  5. A lovely prayer, thanks for sharing this.


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