Monday, 31 August 2015

Boys And Girls Come Out To Play!


I’ve gone on about EAP before, this charity, founded by Steph’s good friend Tom Gill* does a phenomenal amount to help children and young people in Africa to enjoy good, safe play [website here] We were going to my great-nephew Sam’s Thanksgiving party, and the invite said “Don’t bring any presents – he has enough toys to last till he’s 16”

So I decided instead to give an EAP token. I sent off a cheque, and received a selection of cards to total the amount sent, with smaller information cards inside.


In Sam’s name, a Tyre Den, and Elephant’s Play Area will be built, for children who have very few play opportunities.P1020096P1020095

I think these vouchers are a great idea [they are £5 and £10 value]



*If you watch “Dragon's Den”, you may recently have seen ‘Mad Marc’ Wileman, showing his ‘Sublime Science’.

Marc is another Kirby Muxloe guy, and great friend of Tom’s.


  1. Great idea to support a worthwhile cause.

    I did see Mark and thought he was fantastic. Anything which broadens the appeal of science gets my vote, having spent 35 years working towards it!

  2. What a good idea.
    Were the dragons kind to Marc? They often seem so rude and condescending.

  3. That's a great idea for a gift. Yes, my niece has sooooo many toys, I always dread her birthday! x

  4. This is such a good idea! I bet Sam loved helping out needy kids--and his parents appreciated you not over-riding their "no presents" directive but still doing something nice to honor the occasion.



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