Thursday, 6 August 2015

Zoe And Zimmerman

I made the mistake of grabbing some library books in a hurry. Knowing I had some odd balls of dk here, and that there is a cupboard at UCF which is gradually being filled with knitted goods for Romania, I thought I would make a few small baby bits for the cupboard during my holiday. I like Zoe Mellor’s patterns very much [and have done loads from this book] so I picked these two from the shelf without really looking inside. I thought that this would be 75 varied patterns for me to look at and enjoy.

zm 25 zm 50

spalsh…but when I got back, I found that the 25 from the first book are all in the second book of 50! There wasn’t really any pattern suitable for my yarn either! I picked up two balls of King Cole Splash from KnitWits and made these with my Elizabeth Zimmerman BSJ pattern which I had packed in my bag.


P1010949The buttons on the blue one were from Raphael Crafts in St Benedicts Street, Norwich – only 5p each! I will find some buttons for the second jacket when I get home.

The Splash yarn has approx 290 metres to a ball – and once I had finished knitting, and sewed seams and buttons, I had less than 2 yards of yarn left! My original plan was to use KC Cherish – but someone pointed out to me that there are only 250m on those 100g balls – so I’d have needed 2 balls per BSJ, and had yarn left over.

piccadilly plotMy other hastily selected book was The Piccadilly Plot by Susanna Gregory. I have read, and enjoyed, many of her Matthew Bartholomew 14th Century mysteries, and this is the 7th in the Thomas Chaloner series set in Restoration London. Sadly this edition did not seem to have been well edited and there were a few grammatical or printing errors which irritated me, and the plot was very convoluted.

I gave up when I got to the bit about “there was a man with a very large nose called Congreve” [I think that was the name – but how did they know what his nose was called, anyway?] and returned the book to the library unfinished. I have yet to start reading all the Trollopes I downloaded to my Kindle. I have just been either too busy in the day, or too tired in the evening for much serious reading!


  1. Ooh, a kindred soul! Grammatical errors irritate me too. Could it be that one's nose knows everything which is why some people's noses are so stuck up? (Yes, I have ended that sentence with a preposition.)

  2. Lovely knitting, thanks for sharing. It's so disappointing when books don't live up to expectations isn't it? Enjoy your break, I hope you get some rest in the midst of all the work you have set yourselves. Vee x

  3. Glad to know it is not just me! I could never use that firm of injury lawyers who advertise on TV and refer to "people like you and I" when it should be "me". If they cannot get the words right for their ad, how could I trust them to argue my case in court, if I had one??!!

  4. I am also one of those who can't bear grammatical errors in a book. I think the most annoying is the misuse of the word 'myself'.


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