Sunday, 30 August 2015

Ten Weeks Ago!

Time flies- but at last I have some of Steph and Mark’s official wedding pictures- here’s just a few of them. I just have to post this shot of the groom’s fantastic shoes – the soles were bright green!


The bride being met outside the church by her Pastor [who’s also her Dad] The happy couple walking down the aisle after the ceremony. Standing outside the church [more bunting!] Cutting the cake with the Great Sword!

from facebook2

The guys [Mark’s brother and best friend were the two Best Men] and the gals [friend Lucy, sister Liz, cousin Lucy, SIl Emma]. Arriving at church in Uncle Adrian’s MG. Making their vows. The Church Bible – 1 Corinthians 13. Everybody outside KMFC

from facebook1

The first dance – two lovely young people, blissfully happy, and in so much love with each other. A wonderful day full of happy memories.



  1. What a lovely post to greet me this morning! They do look blissfully happy and I send them lots of blessings and love. Penny Lxxxx

  2. Beautiful photos of a beautiful day. What more can one say.

  3. Great photos from a lovely, happy day! Jx

  4. Aw! Happy mother of the bride, too! The photos are lovely.

  5. Love the green laces! I misread at first and thought you wrote, " Everyone outside KFC" and I knew at that moment it was time for glasses! Beautiful pictures, I love the one where the groom has his foot up on the wall, it just looks so happy and relaxed. Thanks for sharing a special day. Xxx

  6. Beautiful! They really are an attractive couple!!!x

  7. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures! They have cheered me up on a sad day (my friend David's memorial service) and made me hopeful for the young people I know, who have many joys ahead of them. Blessings on you and yours!


    1. I have been thinking of you and The Man this weekend. A time to mourn, a time to everything there is a season x

  8. At last! Beautiful people and pics. Isn't it nice when Dad an marry them (which was the case with my eldest lad and his new wife last year, her Dad being the Reverend). A close-up of Mother-of-the-Bride would be nice too? x

  9. Lovely photos; thank you for sharing.


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