Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Holiday House-Work

We spent Tuesday working in the garden and the kitchen

P1010992This is the inside of the garage – the Tanking Slurry which Bob has painted over the lower part of the walls and some of the floor is drying well. It goes on an alarming khaki colour – but dries to a pale sage hue*.


Meanwhile, my Beach Hut Smoker Cover is looking stunning. I spent the morning painting it with undercoat/primer. Today I hope to do the top coat. Isn’t it cool?

In the afternoon I was busy in the kitchen – I stripped Sunday’s chicken and made a pie, and some stock. Then the stock formed the basis of a pan of vegetable soup.

Finally I mixed some rhubarb [from a neighbour here] some apples [brought with us, from a friend in Ferndown] and some plums [picked and bottled here last autumn] into a couple of crumbles.


*I may tell people it is meant to be Farrow and Ball ‘Cooking Apple Green’ [F&B have their HQ just up the road from UCF]


  1. Pies look great and I love the smoker cover! Talents all round xxx

  2. The beach hut is so cool. I love it. What colour are you going to paint it? x


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