Friday 16 October 2015

Fish On Friday

This is National Seafood Week


Thus far, I have not been terribly good at eating fish every day. On Saturday I declined the fish’n’chips option on the menu at my Conference, and similarly avoided Sunday’s breakfast kippers. But Bob and I did have tuna mayonnaise in Monday’s jacket potatoes, and on Wednesday managed fish fingers for tea. It was the first time for ages we had eaten these- but as they are celebrating their 60th birthday this year, I thought I’d buy a box [great article here]

I am not sure about the slogan Cook Me. Dine Me. Buy Me.

Should it not say Buy Me. Cook Me. Eat Me.  ??

I shall try and do something interesting with the tin of pilchards in the pantry for lunch. Off to London this afternoon – maybe there will be something fishy on Liz’s menu plan for tonight.

Seafood I like – cod, plaice, haddock, tuna, pilchards, mackerel, salmon, trout, tuna, kippers, mussels, crab, prawns.

Seafood I am less keen on – lobster, calamari, eels, seabass, tilapia.

Does samphire count as seafood? I like that if it is young and fresh.


  1. Precisely - "dine ON me" maybe. What is wrong with saying ''eat me' or perhaps 'taste me' or 'savour me' ?

    1. Or...perhaps the fish was thinking in terms of a date, as in 'Wine me, dine me'???

  2. I agree that dine me just doesn't read right. But maybe it's one of intentional psychology things to keep you thinking about it lol. Or maybe just maybe I need more sleep

  3. It seems a shame to take the fish fingers out to dine and then eat them, doesn't it!


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