Thursday, 29 October 2015

Now We're Cooking!

I gave up my dream of owning a lovely cream Aga years ago. But when we bought Cornerstones, we needed to find a cooker to fill the 90cm wide space in the kitchen – so purchased a Belling Kensington Range Style one. It is all electric [no gas in this village] and I loved it. But after a couple of years, the steel doors started to develop nasty rusty little marks. We rang Belling, who were very unhelpful, and offered to sell us new doors [costing a few hundred pounds] It would be almost as expensive as a new cooker- and they would not guarantee these would not rust as well. Internet searches showed others had this problem. I cannot find the pictures we took back then of the marks. Trust me, it looked awful – a spider web of orange and brown lines. This was what the new cooker looked like

…but mine has an electric hob. Now imagine a toddler had doodled all over those doors with a brown Sharpie. Lines and dots. Yes, that bad.
When we moved to Ferndown, Bob had found a firm on the Industrial Estate which did powder coatings. they were really helpful.
They explained that the doors were not properly treated stainless steel, and so the finish was bound to degrade over time. We had our doors redone with a cream enamel style powder coating finish. For less than the cost of having a bicycle frame recoated [which surprised us]

Here’s my super smart cooker – looking like new [it is over 6 years old]. With doors that will retain their pristine finish. And it does have a lovely creamy Aga-ness about it too. Thank you, TW Coatings for rescuing my doors, and thanks Bob for having the idea!


  1. How nice that you were able to get the doors refinished! Your cooker looks very different from the ones I've seen. I am intrigued by all the various doors - the one with the glass is the oven, but what are the other two?

    1. Top left is the grill, bottom left is a reasonable size oven with lots of different heating arrangements, and right hand side is a tall slim fan oven, lots of shelves. Really versatile - and 5 rings on the hob too.

    2. Thanks for the explanation, Angela. The stoves here usually come with one big oven, not two. I like your option of having a smaller oven and a bigger one.

  2. I have it in black ! It's a fabulous cooker ! :)

  3. It looks great, very Aga-ish...but I'm surprised Belling were so unhelpful. Bad marks for them.

  4. Fantastic. Thumbs down to Belling for not sorting the problem for you.


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