Saturday, 30 September 2017

An Alternative Boxing Day

More than 25 years ago, when we lived in Bexleyheath, a lady came and spoke at our church women's group about the work of the Biggin Hill Romania Group. Romania was in desperate need, following the fall of the awful regime of President Ceaucescu. One of our young Mums was desperately upset by the stories of orphaned babies being left on concrete floors, with nothing to keep them warm. She made an impassioned speech in church, challenging us to knit 100 blankets over the summer. I think we ended up with nearly 150.
Fast forward to 2017 - and I am in a church where there is a cupboard where knitted goods are collected and regularly go to the BHRG [This charity conveniently has a Dorset team in nearby Poole]
UCF is a very generous fellowship - and for a number of years people have prepared shoeboxes for the Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child Appeal. However, like many others, we have had growing concerns recently about this organisation, and particularly regarding some statements made by their director, Franklyn Graham. Last year we did not do the SP/OCC boxes as a Church Project.
This year we have decided to do Christmas Shoeboxes again, but they are going out with BHRG instead. It is a much smaller operation, with staff who know the recipients and we are happier about the arrangements. I've just prepared my box...
The instructions we received about contents were helpful, and very clear. I have prepared a box for a boy aged 15+. I put in warm gloves and a pack of socks, toiletries, stationery items and some sweets. We were also asked to include a Christmas card with a photo of ourselves.
I know that many of our members are busy preparing boxes for younger children - one lady has knitted lots of hats etc. and donated them for others to use in their boxes. There is also the option of making up larger 'family boxes'  and some of these too are being sorted out. 
If your group is looking for an alternative shoebox appeal, do check this one out.


  1. Sounds like a good cause. I like how they provide a suggested list of items. When Laura was in primary school we used to do shoe boxes for Romania.


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