Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Still Roadworthy

I have written about Hobbies of Dereham before, and our late friend Ivan Stroulger who kept this wonderful company. One toy Dad built for the girls in 1986 was the Landrover and Caravan set. The roofs came off both pieces, so toys could be put inside.
We had a lot of fun with these, but over the years, they got rather battered and the caravan got lost somewhere along the way. 
Bob decided to refurbish the Landrover for Rosie.
He began by cleaning it up, and making a new roof. The chassis was stripped down, wheels removed - and everything given a new coat of paint, this time in green.

Finally he labelled the base
Made by S.W. Hall 1986
Remade by R.H. Almond 2017

I think my Dad would be so pleased - we're hoping Rosie gets lots of enjoyment with the Landrover too!


  1. That is so lovely. I remember a Barbie car and caravan really well. (Not in the same division as yours really but there you are) Playing cars and caravans on the floor was one of my favourite things. Funny what you remember.

  2. That is really charming!! I think both maker and restorer are v talented!x

  3. It looks great! What a wonderful toy and heirloom. Love the paint job!


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