Saturday, 2 September 2017

Bibs, Bootees, A Bag And A Book

One final burst of creativity before term starts, at Steph's request. Friends have recently had babies, and a hand made 'personalised' gift is always good to be able to give [and receive]
Two bandanna bibs and two pairs of bootees for Elodie and Oliver. He's a little older, so I did 2nd size for his blue boots.
And a book bag for Elodie's sister, with her name on front and back [and a 'Frozen' colouring book inside]
The bag is slightly bigger than A4 and lined with plain fabric.
The yellow bootees were knitted in a random yarn - but by starting at the same point on both I was able to get the golden cuff and paler foot. I 'wasted' about 1 metre of yarn, to get to the right place, but I was able to use that later in sewing up.

These two patterns came from my Zoe Mellor Book. I purchased this in 2002. It cost £16.99 [birthday book tokens] I must have made more than 60 pairs of socks and bootees using the lovely patterns inside. It has certainly proved a good investment. It was reissued in 2009 with a different cover. It's available 2nd hand online for about £4 now, and I would definitely recommend it as a useful resource if babyknits are your thing.


  1. I have that book, and I second your endorsement - and most of the patterns are really quick and easy.

    I like the idea of the book bag. I was taught by my mum that you never take a present for a baby without first acknowledging their elder sibling. As a first child she was extremely jealous when her little brother was born and all the visitors cooed over him and ignored her, and she never forgot that feeling.

  2. How lovely, your work is truly beautiful, the gifts will be much appreciated I'm sure. It's always nice to include something for the older sibling/s when a new baby arrives.Thanks for the book recommendation, I'm off to check it out now. Vee x

  3. What beautiful presents you made Anglicize!

  4. Those are lovely gifts and I'm sure will be much appreciated.


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