Saturday, 9 September 2017

Bearly Awake

Thank you everyone for the kind words of encouragement, the 2 INSET days, 1 day preparation and 2 days in the classroom have gone OK. But I am utterly 'cream crackered' as they say. However, my class is full of lovely children, and colleagues are all so supportive of one another. And I certainly feel part of the team- I have already made a uniform for the School Bear! 
I would have stayed in bed all morning today -but it's our special Week Of Prayer, so I'll be at the Church for breakfast before 8am. Roll on Monday. Definitely having a lie in then!!


  1. The first few days/weeks are always tiring, with so much to get used to. Hoping all goes well and you enjoy the school.

  2. The first days back at work, especially in a new setting, can be very exhausting. But that bear is looking very well dressed!


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