Saturday, 9 January 2021

Do I Dare Do It?

It's time to find my ~word365 - the word which I hope will challenge me during the coming year. The last five years have included these - more, hope, focus, shine and inspire.

Last year my word was inspire and I reviewed that in November.

But what of this year? I prepared one of our "Advent Thought For The Day" videos and talked about Advent and adventure" [here]

When I was discussing with Bob later about my Word For The Year, he suggested that I choose "Adventure" for 2021

It's definitely a good choice- this year will be an adventure. There are two definitions in the dictionary - noun and verb
noun: an unusual, exciting, dangerous or daring experience 
verb: to engage in daring or risky activity 
I am sure that both of these are going to apply. We enter the year under lockdown covid19 conditions. Definitely unusual - and in many ways dangerous.
I do not plan to engage in risky activity when it comes to the social distancing/mask wearing/handwashing stuff. 
I will not be surprised if things happen this year which are unplanned, exciting, or require me to 'step out in faith'
In 2019, when we had our mad Welsh Anniversary Airbed Adventure, I know some of my friends here thought I was quite mad. One of them recently read my book about our 2016 French holiday on the motorbike. [Amazon/Kindle link here] She said she understands me better now, and my readiness to do apparently crazy things.
This is the year when 'formal ministry' comes to an end, we will retire to Cornerstones, and eventually be able to claim our State Pensions. That's going to be a huge adventure for both of us. Bob has now officially announced the date of his final Sunday here [April 11th]
Life's been a pretty good adventure thus far- I hope I don't drift gently into sedentary retirement, but rather continue to enjoy the exciting, unusual and maybe sometimes risky experiences. And I want to go on being daring. My grandmother taught me to sing
Dare to be a Daniel, dare to stand alone
Dare to have a purpose firm, dare to make it known,



  1. I'm sure you won't drift into a quiet retirement - you'll be needed for fancy dress clothes for years!

  2. Approaching the next year as an adventure seems very probable! Who knows what the year will bring? You have some exciting times ahead with your retirement .

    1. Thank you - I hope I manage it as graciously as you have done

  3. I gave birth to a Daniel if that counts!!I don't expect for one minute that you will spend retirement sedentary!!Have a good weekend. x

  4. I was thinking about your word over the Christmas holidays! This sounds wonderful, all of it. I pray great blessings on your daring, faithful sould x

    1. Thanbk you dear friend. Who knows, maybe in retirement we may one day get back to Belfast again. I hope so...

  5. I was adventurous! I found your book on Amazon. I have only got to Rouen so far but I have laughed out loud a couple of times and my husband said he wax so pleased to see me looking happy. I too packed tins and dehydrated goods(fruit juice!), when we camped as a familyin France, in the 80s.

  6. I like your word for the year! I think this year will be quite an adventure for many of us!

    1. Sadly not always a good adventure though


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