Saturday, 2 January 2021


I only recently came across this term. The days between Boxing Day and New Year. And only on the final day, Dec 31st, did I encounter this graphic. I am not sure I did those things on those days- but during this past week I certainly have done all of them. 

We had fewer decorations here this year - because I'd put the tree up in Norfolk. So taking everything down and packing it did not take long at all. I washed my favourite festive tablecloth. In over twenty years, how have I never noticed before that the cloth I use for our Christmas Lunch was made in Turkey? So very appropriate, don't you think?

The Twixtmas suggestions above include help preserve the earth. Clearly my recycled card activities counts there. But here's a new one - plan a trip to the Pub. 

Specifically a Green King Pub. This chain has partnered with a plastics company, DCW Polymers., to raise money for Macmillan Cancer. You know all those plastic tubs which contained chocolates and biscuits? Well you can take them to a GK pub, and they will be recycled, and benefit the charity, I must stress that this pile are not all from this Christmas - only two of them! But I have been rationalising my craft supplies and things and those purple ones take up far too much space. There is a GK in nearby Wimborne, I'll popover when they re-open.

The bottom box originally contained cream crackers. Then I filled it with supplies for my Brexit Box - but we ended up eating them all in April, when we were in Covid19 Isolation. Brexit Means Biscits [why did I spell it wrong? It no longer seems funny]

My niece posted this clip on Facebook. It felt incredibly sad to watch- I think they should have folded it into a triangular samosa, like they do at American Funerals at Arlington.

Onwards and upwards, this is a New Year and we are going to make it better than the old one was!

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  1. Seems to me that all I've done in the days between Christmas and New Year is eat! I have reached out to friends and done some recycling and composting, so, I did at least a couple of the things listed above! There is a strict protocol to follow when taking down and folding the US flag; it is always folded in a triangular shape for storage in between uses.


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