Sunday, 27 June 2021

And Love Spilled Out...

 The post brought a card from my dear friends Mark and Elisabeth

Last summer we were able to meet briefly in the Norfolk sunshine, which was lovely.  Like many people in the past 15 months, their plans for special celebrations have gone out the window.
Their Ruby Wedding Party cancelled, instead they are having a weekend away together.

Mark is Head of Chaplaincy at University Hospitals, Leicester. Elisabeth is a nurse. They are wonderful, caring people - Elisabeth has the strongest social conscience, actively promoting fairtrade, cycling, charities and all sorts of other issues. She and I have supported each other through joys and stresses of parenting, being the minister's wife, juggling work and family, health issues, and much more besides. 

Elisabeth also creates beautiful hand-made cards [like this one] The front is banded with ribbon saying joy, inside are photos from the wedding and a recent holiday. They sent these cards out to friends, to explain about the anniversary- and to say thank-you for friendship [they married in 1981, and we met them in 1982, when Mark and Bob started studying theology together]

What a lovely idea, to send such a card! Just the sort of thing Elisabeth would think of. And then I saw something else glittering on the table. As I opened the envelope, LOVE spilled out...

So typical of these good friends, they truly live out their faith - showing gratitude, sharing joy, and as they encounter people, love just spills out...

Would that there were more couples like Mark and Elisabeth God bless you both as you celebrate a long and strong marriage. God grant you many more years of love, life and laughter together. Here's hoping we can meet up again before too long...


  1. Happy anniversary to your friends!

  2. Beautiful. May they celebrate their 50th with joy and love, too!

  3. That's LOVELY! Happy Anniversary to them!


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