Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Have A Magical Day!

First of all - thank you to everyone for all the very kind comments yesterday. Jessica is beautiful and continues to thrive- we feel so blessed.

Last month Liz had a birthday card from on old friend. On the front was a very sparkly unicorn. Inside was a greeting explaining that the friend's daughter had insisted on this card. And on the back, a message...

Quite clearly the unicorn was meant to be passed on to Big Sister Rosie. Please Grandma.... 
I peeled off the unicorn - it was sequins sewn on a felt base, with an adhesive backing. The card itself can be decorated and re-used too. I machine stitched the shape onto a plain pink H&M which Rosie found for me in her drawers.

And here's the magical bit - the unicorn is silver with a pink/red yellow/turquoise mane.

But if you run your fingers across the sequins, stroking them upwards, they flip over - the motif becomes pearly white, with white, blue, silver and purple mane.

I thought this was really nifty! If you want a similar, but smaller magical motif, you can buy them from Hobbycraft for just £2.


  1. That was a very sweet card idea and it was lovely it could be passed onto Rosie. Those sequins ARE super clever! I'm always impressed by them!

  2. Just right for Rosie to wear! Our teenage granddaughter has a knit dress with a sequin motif that changes colour in the same way.

  3. What a great card! A very magical color changing unicorn!


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