Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Pedal Power

Back in March I mentioned that my neighbour Brooke has a new Tomcat bike. These are specially adapted for children and young people with mobility issues.

It's Brooke's first bike since she was 7 - and she's now a teenager. It was partially funded by the Children Today Charity [Brooke's story here]

Brooke wanted to give something back, so recently did a sponsored ride round the beautiful Eaton Park in Norwich, in support of the charity. 

This story has been picked up by the local paper and she and her hard working and supportive Mum will be interviewed on Radio Norfolk today. 
I feel so privileged to know this determined young woman who refuses to let disability stop her showing love and concern for others.

When I hear people moaning about "wretched teenagers" who [allegedly] drop litter, spray graffiti and disrespect others I presume they've not actually encountered many - and certainly not cheerful, friendly ones like my friend Brooke. Thanks Brooke, you are an inspiration! [thanks Justine for photos] 


  1. Beautiful young lady and you are so right, teenagers shouldn't all be judged as the same as the troubled ones who are the bane of society.

  2. What a lovely, inspiring and uplifting story! Yes, there are some wonderful young people whose stories don't always get told, but, should! Thank you for sharing Brooke's story with us.


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