Thursday, 10 June 2021

Unicorns And Cucumbers

Rosie really did need a haircut- it was getting straggly and easily tangled and the ends were split. When we went out for Liz's birthday lunch, Liz put it into a very neat French plait. But as the day for the haircut approached, the young lady concerned started getting nervous.

Her wise Mum suggested that as this was a Rather Grown Up Thing to do, to go to the hairdressers, they should make a proper day of it. A Spa Day in fact. So into Norwich on the bus, for the haircut [that went ok] 

Then to the Lush Shop to purchase a Unicorn Horn Bath Bombe.
Lunch with the family in Middletons - where the service was excellent, the prix fixe menu very good - and children's menu superb value. Rosie was happy to colour in the menu sheet, and do the word puzzles on it with Grandad, as we waited for our food.

When she got home, her Spa Day included the fancy bubble bath - and proper Beauty Treatment for her eyes! I don't know how she found out about cucumber eye masks- but Mum obliged.

Clockwise from top left

1 - Colouring the week before the trim. Straggly unmanageable locks.
2 - French plait for Sunday Lunch [charmante et chic] 
3 - After-cut - still curly, just a little shorter, much better condition.
4 - Spa Day Treat [unicorns and cucumbers]

Once again Liz has deftly steered Rosie through another stage of growing up. This time last year, she was a pre-schooler, about to start Grandma's Nursery School. Now she's a confident 5 year old, almost at the end of Reception Year at school. Ready to be a Big Sister.


  1. Liz is such a good mother! She was so clever to assuage Rosie' s nerves about the haircut in such a kind, fun and creative way! I should try the cucumber thing as I get dreadfully tired eyes. I'm glad you all got to join in on the fun of the spa day!

  2. Definitely do the cucumber thing (you have braved a haircut yourself, so deserve a treat!) I love the word assuage, it deserves to be used more!

  3. I was asked to chum my daughter-in-law and the 'toddler' (yes, he's fast on his feet too!)for his first pair of new shoes last week and in the shoe shop which also incorporated children's wear and a hairdresser, there was a young chap sitting in one of the adapted chairs - his was a racing car - and he was absolutely screaming the place down everytime the hairdresser went near him with the scissors!!He was happy with the lollipop he got afterwards though. I'm not even going to tell you how much the new shoes cost me (yes, me, why else do you think I was invited??lol).

    1. I think it is really unfair that children's shoes cost so much. They usually grow out of them before they wear out , so for families on a tight budget they have to buy cheaper quality or keep the children's feet in shoes a little too small.

  4. Your Liz is such a wise Mum, turning a feared haircut into a big fun event! I have a photo of our granddaughter with the cucumber eye treatment. Lasted a couple of minutes and then she ate them!

    1. You have a resourceful child there Bushlady

  5. That was very wise of Liz to treat the first hair cut as the very special event it was! I must suggest the cucumber eye masks to my daughter! :)


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