Thursday 2 September 2021

And Lastly, Lilibet

Jolly has had a great time visiting East Anglia. His two dates with Jill and Maggie were quite relaxed. He was a little anxious about the third lady he was due  to meet. Elizabeth 57 [Lilibet to her closest friends] is a retired headteacher. 

Lilibet dresses very smartly, and has a neat haircut, and smart spectacles. She has a trim figure and looks good in heels. She was head of a prestigious girls’ school in Kent for 15 years. Her favourite subject is history, which she studied at Oxford – all her pupils loved her lessons, because they were really interesting.  

Lilibet is Churchwarden at the ancient village church. It was built in the 11th C and even in August, Jolly thought it felt cold inside. She explained about the round Saxon tower, and the medieval graffiti. 


Lilibet took Jolly to a very posh Belgian restaurant in town where they ate mussels – he was pleasantly surprised by how good these tasted. Other guests turned to look at his attractive dining companion – but Jolly felt a little underdressed. 

Lilibet’s home – a smart Georgian house on the edge of her village – over 200 years old – was furnished beautifully, and extremely tidy. She was a truly gracious lady – but Jolly felt a bit inadequate because she was so clever [although not at all patronising towards him]. 

Lilibet did have a wicked sense of humour, and they laughed a lot together. They shared a mutual fondness for BBC Radio 4, especially the quiz and comedy programmes. Jolly sensed she was perhaps a little lonely, and maybe she too was looking for quiet companionship as he was. He felt she might become a true, loyal and lasting friend, even if their relationship did not proceed beyond a romantic level.


  1. I think she sounds great for Jolly. Quiet companionship is a very important thing.

    1. And Bob and CBC would both agree that it's good to be married to a teacher!

    2. Indeed!!😁 (CBC also being a teacher!)

  2. This is a nice match! I agree with Kenzie about quiet companionship- enjoy doing ordinary daily activities together.

  3. The sense of humour sounds good, and she would be a great friend, but I wonder if he would feel at home in an extremely tidy house, so I doubt the friendship will end in marriage! Time will tell. Meanwhile Jolly is getting to know some lovely women on his travels.

  4. Wow! She IS fancy! I like her brains and her passion for learning! Isn't she gracious! Jolly is blessed!

  5. I like the idea of a companion to enjoy favorite pursuits with. I hope they stay friends! :)

  6. Companionship is so important


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