Friday 3 September 2021

Forking Out For A Bargain

St Margaret's Church, Cley were holding a book sale in aid of church funds [14K books, spread along the pews, on tables, on a wheeled coffin bier...] So we went and had a look. A couple of years ago, I gave away almost all my Michael Morpurgo books to Ferndown Library - they were in pristine condition. At the sale I found one I hadn't read. 

Like "War Horse","Listen to the Moon" is set in WW1 - I will post a review once I have read it! Bob bought a Philip K Dick science fiction book.

We enjoyed tea, and shared a piece of chocolate cake [there's nothing like a good slice of church cake and a cuppa] then drove home along the coast road, through Wiveton.

Wiveton is worth visiting for two reasons - Wiveton Hall, owned by Desmond McCarthy [you may have seen him on the BBC series 'Normal for Norfolk'] and the junkyard on the opposite side of the road. 

Having just had church cake, we didn't need to call in to Desmond's Tea Rooms. But Bob felt the urge to have a quick nose round the junkyard. I bought a coronation mug there a couple of months ago.

This time I spotted a fork in the cutlery bin - it looked just like my best WMF wedding cutlery. But smaller. And filthy. I picked it up, it had the wmf mark. And I fossicked around in the basket and found a matching knife. The pair cost me 50p. I took them home and polished them up.

They were quite tarnished, but cleaned up beautifully. As you can see, a regular knife and fork is about 20cm, and these are around 15cm, the same height as a pastry fork [but that has only three tines] It is not quite a perfect match - but good enough for me.

I suspect that this must be part of their children's cutlery range. Rosie is now using full size crockery and cutlery for meals - but George is growing up fast, and Jessica isn't far behind. 

And even if not used as a child's place setting, these may prove useful as servers at a buffet meal. WMF, as they keep telling us on the Antiques Roadshow, stands for W├╝rttembergische MetallWarenfabrik, and they've been around for over 150 years. Quality goods at a bargain price!


  1. Good finds. 14 thousand books! wow.

    1. We were very restrained, only buying one each!

  2. You WERE restrained with the books! I'm amazed!!
    Mmm... I DO love church cake. We played for a Flower festival a couple of years ago and the cake was superb there!
    A little cutlery set is always useful to keep in a handbag or rucksack in case you are out and somewhere tries to serve you with disposables. Quite a lot of cafes have opted to serve up their food, even when you eat in, in or with disposables and even when they are made out of non-plastic, they find it hard to understand when I refuse the cutlery (or straw or container) because I just do not want a single use item.

  3. I plan on buying our daughter some pastry forks for Christmas as she doesn't have any. We use ours a lot.

  4. Our six year old grandson insists on using pastry forks whenever he has cake here, I don’t think his parents have cake forks though

  5. Lovely to find items from your own cutlery set at a good price. It reminds me that I should look out for a fork and spoon to replace the ones that went missing a long time ago from our Paul Revere set.

    1. PR cutlery comes upon eBay occasionally, but it's not cheap!


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