Friday 10 September 2021

ZWW In The Dining Room

Today is the last day of ZWW [yes, I know, why is it only 5 days long?] There are loads of articles in the press and online, and TV programmes and national campaigns devoted to food waste. I am going to share just two things 

The first is something we have been doing diligently since retirement - using cloth napkins [serviettes] These were bought for a song, back in 1982, when Laker Airways went bankrupt. [I'm not surprised, if they gave their travelers linen napkins with their meals] 

The rings do not match - mine is my Dad's chrome one, which was always kept in the top drawer of Mum's sideboard, and came out at Sunday lunchtime. Bob's is an EPNS one from a CS. We use them most meal times, and roll them up again - I only launder them when they get grubby, so they usually serve us for 3 or 4 meals. They are faded from their original scarlet colour, and you can only just make out the logo woven into the fabric. But better than single use paper napkins

Secondly [thank you Liz for this suggestion] I bought some Moopops - silicon lids for cream/yogurt containers. So often the pots of cream/yogurt from the supermarket have foil lids, or very flimsy plastic tops which split or get lost long before the contents are used. 
Moonpops already produce small silicon tops to fit on glass milk bottles - but now they make these larger lids. I think they are good because [1] they seal the pot keeping cream fresh longer [2] they prevent spillage in the fridge [3] I don't need to use clingfilm [I don't like using my beeswax wraps on liquid dairy products] These longlasting tops tick lots of ZW boxes

So that's the end of my posts for ZWW 2021. I hope you've been inspired to think about some changes you could make - Kezzie's blog is always an inspiration to me - she is so thoughtful about putting her ZW ideas into practice, and honest about the struggles. For more ideas try Bea Johnson . She is the world guru - but I find her just a little bit annoying tbh - surely flying to 70 countries for 28 international speaking tours generates a lot of airline waste and gives her a massive 'global footprint' ? [at least Greta T braved a rowing boat across the Atlantic to show her commitment]


  1. Yes, I do think serviettes are a great idea! CBC and I bought a pair of Red tartan serviettes from Ikea when we got married and I've used it lots since then. I actually ended up buying 4 new napkins (or was it 8?) in Debenhams when it was closing down as I wanted to have some for guests when they came, to offer a non-disposable option. One thing I did, that I really glad I Did, was to save a load of old cutlery from clearing out my Grandad's house so when we've had parties with multiple guests, there is no disposable cutlery too.

  2. I bought 4 yellow strong plastic (polythene?) plates for picnics/BBQs over 30years ago and they are still in regular use. All my plastic straws have gone to Loralai for her jewellery making. Like you, I'm avoiding single use cutlery whenever I can

  3. We've used cloth serviettes for all meals ever since we got married in 1971.

    We do eat lunch out at Wendy's ( fast food) a couple of times a week when we are out for errands- a tad naughty but I use the same plastic cutlery every time, wash it at home and take it with us. It's a little treat and an outing for us as elders.

    I take the plastic string type containers from vegetables and knot or sew them into small scrubbier to use in the kitchen. They work really well.

    Thank you for all your good suggestions.

    1. Ooh! I'd forgotten making the net bags into pot scrubbers since I started buying my fruit loose. Good tip, thanks

  4. Cloth serviettes are all what we had when I was a child. I still have several of them, although, I'm afraid I don't always use them.


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