Monday 13 September 2021

We Dig, Dig, Dig!

Update on the Garden Path Project... after mapping out the pattern for slabs, loose laying them to check, partially digging the area out, I was feeling positive. Then the guy from Eon said a man would be round to tell us what work needed to be done to change the fuse, and they'd be likely to dig up our path and lay the new cable in November. I lost a bit of momentum. We refilled the hole again, put down some sand to make it more level, and loose laid the slabs as a temporary measure.

Then a cheery chappie turned up who said they could change the fuse to a slightly lower value [but much higher than it is now] and they would not have to dig things up or lay a new cable. So that meant I could get on and finish the task.

Saturday 7th -The slabs were renumbered [rain had washed off my chalk marks] and restacked - and first I removed the layer of sand. Then I began digging out again. I got very tired, and my face got even redder [to match my overalls] Paul next door offered me a cold beer from his fridge

"But I suppose its a bit early for beer" he said as I declined politely and said Bob was making tea. Bob helped me finish the digging.

The bottom layer of hardcore is re-used stuff from the old garden wall. We've had to order extra sand* - the chap delivered it at 7am one morning, but didn't bother to ring the bell. He just left it at the far end of the property by the old garage. So lots of wheelbarrow work needed, to get it to the front door! It keeps us fit.

* currently "slablayer" is unavailable - so we will put down a good layer of sand, then make our own sand/cement mix, before replacing all the slabs. It certainly gives the local dog-walkers something to chat about


  1. Aha, I knew if I scrolled down far enough, I'd find the comments box! :D Sounds like a lot of work to get that path laid down, but, once it is in place, I know it will look great!

  2. Please be careful with all that lifting and laying of slabs by yourself, it's very heavy work especially on your back, one wrong move and that's you confined to barracks for the duration. Can't you wait on the 'unavailable slab layer' becoming available?Your face was red because your blood pressure probs went sky high. Take care of yourself. x

  3. I hope you haven't had to dig as deep as I had to scroll to find the comments box! 😀 The internet plays funny tricks. I'm impressed with your hard work and I hope the path will soon be able to be permanently installed. Good to have those fresh apples!

  4. Blessed are they who scroll, for they shall find the comments box! (just a thought). 😇


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