Friday, 8 October 2021

Celebrating Grandparents Day

We had a fantastic [if a little damp] weekend in Manchester with Steph, Gaz and George. On Saturday we visited Dunham Massey, a lovely NT property.
 We saw lots of deer in the park [see photo below]

Most of the buildings were closed, but we did look round the servants courtyard - some rather soggy laundry items pegged on a line - but in the surrounding rooms we saw the laundry, the butler's pantry, the dairy and other workrooms. There's that washing dolly!

George is very happy in the company of Mum and Dad- but decidedly suspicious of me - but he got on incredibly well with Grandad Bob

Sunday was Grandparents' Day [who knew?] And our young man was delighted to show his Grandad round the Science Museum! 
I liked the Whitworth quote- true for dressmakers and cooks as well as engineers. There asre plenty of female engineers and scientist honoured in the Museum, which is good.
Our stay was over all too quickly, it was so good just to be together as family. Steph gave me a classy manicure too [thank you!]  We got back home Monday evening, having called on our 'Midlands'  SIL en route. It was too dark to see the completed Lathe Palace* - but I'm happy to say it is all built now. .Also happy to see no evidence of slugs either. Maybe they are all teetotal Wesleyans round here?   [
*photos of LP will follow later]

Thank you for yesterday's dolly comments. Regarding Barbra Streisand and hats, I was amused to learn from Steph that on Thursday George found a hat he liked in the dressing up box at nursery. His daily journal said that he confidently put it on his head, and was very excited, and proudly went to show his friends. It looks like a good hat to wear if the weather gets colder...


  1. Happy Grandparents' Day! George is growing so quickly!

  2. George looks so funny!!! You're not the only one who babies find suspicious- most babies are like that around me!
    The museum sounds interesting! I've been rewatching (including seeing all the ones I've never seen before!) Spent on so I'm feeling very into Great Houses and all their encoutrements at the moment!

  3. Our little redhead has been poorly this week, alongwith his Mummy. Constant round of coughs and sneezes, coupled with the necessity for testing whenever anyone as much as sneezes more than once. I fear it's going to be a tough winter between one thing and another. Fab manicure! Have a good weekend, Ang and Bob. x

    1. Thanks BY&M. I reckon it will be a hard winter too...

  4. George has a touch of Russian about him in that hat!

  5. I agree with Jan about the Russian look of George in the furry hat. Great that he loves his Granddad Bob, and I'm sure that as he gets older he will gravitate to you when he develops a taste for Grandma's cooking! The tour looked interesting and seeing the washboard reminded me of Skiffle Music which was popular in my youth. The washboard was a useful addition to a band, along with the broomstick bass.

    1. Now you've reminded me of Lonnie Donegan!


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